We can help with smooth navigation of adoption process

Adoption is a highly personal and emotional journey for families under any circumstances. When the adoption process involves same sex couples or step-parent adoptions, the adoption process should be as smooth as possible for everyone involved. Nevertheless, Pennsylvania parents and soon-to-be parents may find the process anything but smooth, necessitating the help of legal representatives.

When a step-parent or same sex partner wants to adopt his or her spouse’s child, the biological parent of that child must give up, or have terminated, his or her parental rights. That parent also must not have contact with the child for six months before that termination takes place. This may be smooth in some cases or highly contentious in others. Everyone involved should work tirelessly to ensure this part of the adoption process is non-confrontational, for the sake of the child and everyone involved.

The adoption process in Pennsylvania isn’t the same across the state. Each county has its own slight differences. This means whoever is involved in the adoption as far as legal representation is concerned must be aware of any county-specific nuances in order to ensure a successful adoption proceeding.

Litigation may be needed if complications arise or a parent refuses to cooperate with an adoption plan. Attorneys with an extensive background in adoption proceedings can help parents and would-be parents understand what will unfold and what snags may come about as the adoption process is put into motion. Our firm’s website has more information about specific scenarios and how the adoption process may proceed.