Unusual decisions in Pennsylvania divorce process

When people decide to end a marriage, there is a long list of decisions they may need to make. Some of those decisions need to be made by everyone at one point or another, and some of those decisions can vary by couple. One item Pennsylvania couples may need to consider during a divorce is the question of name changing.

Once divorced, one party may decide to either take back her or his maiden name or to choose a new name altogether. For many, this decision may involve the children. One option that is currently being noted is the hyphenating of names so that children and parents still have the same name, but possibly a variation. The decision to alter a child’s name may require cooperation from the other parent and can be a point of contention as some marriages dissolve.

When one party does decide to change his or her name, the process entails more than just telling everyone to call her or him a certain name from that point on. It is necessary to tell emergency personnel, insurance companies, schools, co-workers or business associates and even the postal office. It is also recommended that a person check to ensure that the correct name is used on important documents and mail.

For some Pennsylvania couples in the midst of divorce, the decision to change a name can be one that is difficult with which to follow through. It may also be a decision that one party wants to handle right away as a means of disassociating themselves from the spouse or that spouse’s family. It is important that the person exploring a name change understand the process and what all a name change will entail.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Should You Drop Your Ex’s Last Name After Divorce? 5 Things To Consider“, Lenore Skomal, July 27, 2014