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March 2014 Archives

High profile child custody case involves medical records

When a couple decides to separate, they typically have many decisions to make. The most difficult and often contentious part of a divorce may relate to child custody. If a Pennsylvania couple is unable to come to a child custody agreement on their own or through mediation, a family court judge may have to make a ruling. As part of this process, a parent's lifestyle -- possibly even including medical records -- may play a role in the outcome.

Pennsylvania parents need to be aware of taxes and divorce rules

When there is a divorce, there are many changes that affect a couple's finances. While many of those changes can be dealt with independently, there are certain financial matters during divorce that may require ex-spouses to work together. One area of the lives of divorced parents in Pennsylvania that requires some form of cooperation pertains to taxes.

Organization can be key to smooth divorce in Pennsylvania

The decision to split may be an emotional one for couples. However, after the emotional decisions are handled, there are very detailed financial decisions that need to be made. Any Pennsylvania couple in the midst of divorce may find the process goes much smoother when there is a bit of organization in place. Being organized and having the proper documents in order can help set a tone of cooperation and preparedness for what is to come.

New insurance options for Pennsylvania couples in divorce

Traditionally, when one spouse was the only source of healthcare benefits, it could be difficult for the other spouse to move forward with plans to divorce. However, as healthcare laws have changed, some spouses are finding they have options they may not have had a year ago. Any Pennsylvania spouse who has postponed or been unable to divorce due to the status of their healthcare benefits may be interested to know their newly expanded options.

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