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October 2013 Archives

Child support issues can be compounded if parent out of state

For the most part, when parents live in the same community and have a parenting plan on the books, any disputes or child support issues can be resolved relatively quickly. However, when one parent in is Pennsylvania and the other parent is in another state, any child support issues can become complicated. It can be harder to enforce support orders to even to get the other parent to appear in court.

Divorce can grow costlier if many requests are made

Any time there is a divorce, there may be requests or stipulations that prove to be costly. This can be particularly true when the couple has a great deal of assets or financial success. The recent divorce filing between music mogul Timbaland and his wife Monique Mosley has made news because it could prove quite costly for Timbaland, if the requests his wife has been asking for are granted. Any Pennsylvania couples in the midst of divorce may want to follow the story of how their divorce is progressing.

Home may stall Pennsylvania divorce process for couples

Once both parties have agreed they want to dissolve their marriage, there may still be many decisions to be made. One part of a marriage that can slow or interfere with the divorce process is the fate of the home a couple has shared. In Pennsylvania, disagreeing over the fate of perhaps the most valued piece of marital property can prevent both parties from moving forward as quickly as they would like.

Pennsylvania couples should know dangers of putting off divorce

There may be couples or individuals who are in a rush to finalize their divorce so they can move on with their lives. However, for some Pennsylvania couples, the divorce process may be a slow one. A recent article highlights the reasons why putting off a divorce can do more harm than good for an individual.

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