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September 2013 Archives

Financial tips for men facing divorce

Divorce can be a difficult transition and time of upheaval for both parties involved. However, there are ways divorce affects one party over the other. Recently, tips for how men should handle divorce and the effect divorce may have on their finances. Any Pennsylvania men dealing with divorce may want to adhere to some of the tips given.

Divorce rate rises for those over 50

Lately, there has been a noticeable uptick in the rate of divorce for those over the age 50. In Pennsylvania and elsewhere, there are a number of factors that have been attributed to this rise in divorce after 50. There are also unique consequences for those divorcing at an older age compared to those who split younger and after a shorter marriage.

Pennsylvania conference addresses trend in child custody

When most people think about child custody issues, they tend to conjure up images of a mother and father going to court to work out the details of who has the children when. However, a recent conference in Pennsylvania addressed a growing child custody trend where grandparents are now in the midst of working out custody agreements and even have full custody of their grandchildren. The trend is rising and grandparent rights has become a front and center family law issue.

Unusual request in divorce case draws attention

The requests that can be made during a divorce hearing or as part of a settlement request can sometimes be surprising or unusual. Recently, one divorce case made news partly due to who it involved; but also because of the request the soon to be ex-wife made at the hearing. Any Pennsylvania couples in the midst of divorce may want to follow how the divorce case between George Zimmerman and his wife play outs.

Amish family faces child custody fight over medical care

For the most part, parents are able to make a great deal of the decisions about the care of their children without fear or worry of state intervention. However, when the life of the child may be at stake, the courts can and will interfere and possibly seek child custody. Pennsylvania families may want to follow the intervention of state authorities in a nearby state as felt they needed to take action against Amish parents.

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