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November 2012 Archives

Pennsylvania divorce and dealing with the holidays

Not all family holidays are as warm and fuzzy as the movies make them out to be. If divorce is a factor in the upcoming holiday, it could be a cause for concern, especially if there is bitterness between the parties. While it can certainly be a stressful time for everyone, Pennsylvania couples in the midst of a separation or who are already divorced may need to take some additional steps to ensure their holiday goes smoothly.

Father's rights group backs mom in child custody fight

A now-single mother of two children will soon appear in family court in the hopes of finally being able to see her children. She feels that her child custody case has not been handled fairly by a Pennsylvania judge. The Alliance for Fathers and Families is backing her in hopes that their support will sway the ruling of the court. Some find it unusual that a group dedicated to fathers' rights is aiding a single mother, but they say that one of their main missions is to help families.

Are Pennsylvania baby boomers driving up divorce rate?

The baby boom has had lasting effects on American demographics, and as boomers continue to age, their choices continue to drive statistics in a number of arenas. In particular, boomers in Pennsylvania and elsewhere have significantly impacted trending in marriage and divorce. That influence continues to be felt as many boomers are divorcing later in life.

Pennsylvania divorce rate on rapid rise for people 50 and older

For many years, it was assumed that the longer a couple stayed together, the less likely they would be to go through a divorce. While that still may be true for many couples, a recent study found that those individuals 50 years and older are getting divorced at a much higher rate than 20 years ago. And, given that many older Pennsylvania couples will be facing a wide range of issues as they continue to age, a divorce may be a little more complex than if they had filed 20 years earlier.

Domestic violence orders to be issued in foreign languages

In an effort to promote justice for all residents, regardless of national origin, Pennsylvania has translated a number of legal forms into multiple languages. Among them are the petition for protection from abuse and the domestic violence orders, both temporary and final. The forms are available on the state court's website. Officials hope that this change will allow more people to have access to the court system, regardless of their English-language skill set. The change also could help individuals to better comply with court orders that result from a range of proceedings.

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