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May 2012 Archives

Cohabitation agreements: Yay or nay?

Prenuptial agreements are common for couples who are about to get married and want some type of document that outlines how property will be divided -- among other things -- in the event of a divorce. In today's day and age, however, more couples in Pennsylvania and the rest of the U.S. are actually living together for years before marriage, some without the intent to ever get married.

Tips on protecting your finances throughout the divorce process

Most people don't ask for divorce. For a marriage in which someone provided their all and received nothing or little in return, it is just a difficult circumstance to deal with. And when the marriage lasted for years and all of a sudden comes to an end, it is even more devastating. However, no matter how emotionally tasking a divorce in Pennsylvania may be, it is crucial for any spouse that wants to come out of the divorce on top financially learn what they can do in order to protect their finances to the best of their ability.

Financial affidavits in divorce

In a divorce, there are several documents that a Pennsylvania resident should gather. Some of these documents may be items such as deeds, insurance contracts and loan documents that are not necessarily required but are nonetheless helpful to have on hand. However, some documents, such as a financial affidavit, may be required by the court in a divorce.

Neon Deion Sanders' divorce gets ugly

As Pennsylvania readers may have observed, the matrimonial woes for former NFL great Deion Sanders and his wife, Pilar Sanders, continue. Until recently, they have been sharing the matrimonial residence as they work through what appears to be an increasingly stressful and adversarial divorce proceeding. But thanks to the recent decision of a family court judge, Pilar Sanders has been ordered to stay away from the marital home for 60 days. But that has not stopped her from leveling counter charges against her husband, as both sides now appear to be headed for a war over competing claims for protective orders.

Spying not worth the potential cost in a divorce

Pennsylvania couples going through divorce may be interested in a new trend presenting itself around the nation. Spying is becoming ever more popular due to an increase in low-cost, high-tech gadgetry. With an ability to tuck a tiny recording device into someone's cellphone or purse, divorce fodder is becoming even easier to find. Suspicious spouses abound, but the new trend in spying is affecting numerous people involved in an acrimonious divorce.

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