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March 2012 Archives

An open infant adoption is the new normal

Residents in Pennsylvania thinking about adopting a child may be interested in the results of a recent survey. As many may know, it was once true that the birth parent and the adoptive parent typically had little or no contact in an infant adoption. However, the survey that was released in March shows that this is no longer the case. Indeed, the new normal is such that the birth parent often meets with the adoptive family prior to the adoption and may even pick the family as well.

Pennsylvania unclaimed property seized for unpaid child support

Obtaining back-due child support can be difficult and even sometimes impossible for many Pennsylvania custodial parents. Part of the problem may be that the non-custodial parent is facing financial hardship and is truly unable to meet his or her financial obligations. However, a lot of times it may not even be possible to locate the non-custodial parent, making it all the more difficult to procure child support.

Kelsey Grammer's child custody battle comes to an end

Although there are many issues in a divorce that may be vigorously contested and fought over, perhaps none is as difficult to resolve as child custody. The parents may have sharply contrasting opinions on how best to raise the child with no simple resolution at hand. In that vein, Pennsylvania residents may be interested to hear about the child custody battle that recently came to an end between actor Kelsey Grammer and his ex-wife.

Older Americans seeking divorce more

Pennsylvania residents may be interested to know that divorce is increasingly changing. People no longer feel pressured to stay in unhappy marriages, and divorce has lost much of the stigma that it once had. Yet even though the overall divorce rate appears to be stabilizing, the number of older Americans seeking divorce has gone up.

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