Slip-And-Fall And Trip-And-Fall Accidents

At some point in our lives, nearly everyone will sustain some form of injury by slipping or tripping and falling to the ground. Not every slip-and-fall (or trip-and-fall) results in a claim where you can receive compensation for your injuries.

At the Law Offices of Maribeth Blessing, LLC, our Montgomery and Bucks County slip-and-fall injury lawyers help victims of Pennsylvania slip-and-fall accidents understand their options and take the steps necessary to put their best foot forward. With more than 30 years of experience, we understand what it takes to negotiate for full and fair financial compensation.

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Proving A Difficult Case: Gathering Evidence

Slip-and-fall claims are, for the most part, one of the more difficult cases to prove in the personal injury field. There are always several elements that must be considered by an attorney before deciding whether or not it is a case worth pursuing. Chief amongst these elements are: what caused the individual to fall and could this injury have been avoided?

If circumstance warrants, it would be advisable to take pictures of the area where you fell as soon as possible. A cell phone camera is just as good as a regular or digital camera. The important focus is to create a photo history of the defect which existed at the time of the fall. Remember, if there was nothing to cause the fall, there is no claim. You can't blame clumsiness on someone else.

Getting Immediate Medical Care

Injuries sustained by a fall should be dealt with in the same manner as all other injuries caused under different circumstances. Your first reaction should not be, "Do I have a claim"? Initially, your concern should center on immediate medical care, if warranted. If you are hurt in a fall and you believe it to be severe, get to a hospital for treatment. Follow the medical provider's advice as to follow-up treatment and therapy.

Once you have received emergency medical care, if needed, then contact our offices and make an appointment for a consultation. We will investigate the claim, make sure that you receive the proper ongoing medical care you require and give you our best analysis of the future success of your trip-and-fall/slip-and-fall lawsuit.

Filing An Accident Report

If you have fallen in a commercial establishment, it is important to make sure a report is filed with a supervisory employee/store management. Once you leave a commercial place of business without making a report, it is much easier for the business to deny that anything has happened. This will create problems down the line if you do have a premises liability claim.

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