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Divorce for older couples in Pennsylvania can be complex

Divorce can be disruptive to daily life and future plans at any age. However, when a couple over a certain age decides to divorce, the process can be much more complex. There are circumstances and factors that older Pennsylvania couples may have to think about that may not plague a couple that is younger.

One area that makes a divorce more complicated after retirement age is if the couple has already made estate-planning preparations. A divorce can impact finances across the board and make certain estate plans for adult children an issue or obligation that may not currently work. Assets may be redistributed, and one party may no longer have the authority to say where that asset is to go after a passing.

Divorce can complicate the holidays for parents and children

The holiday season can present a wide range of logistical problems for any family. When a divorce and child custody agreement are involved, the complications can be compounded. Any Pennsylvania family attempting to navigate the holiday season while faced with a child visitation schedule may benefit from the following tips.

One vital tip is to start the holiday plan by referring to the original paperwork and parenting plan. This can provide clear starting guidelines and adjustments can be mutually made from there. One other vital tip is to have a clear plan in place long before it is needed. Arranging details in advance can prevent last minute confusion over drop-off spots or times.

Once fate of house is decided in divorce, complications can arise

Once a couple decides to split, there are many decisions that need to be made. For many couples in Pennsylvania, custody issues may be the most contentious and personal to arise during a divorce. However, the fate of major assets, such as a house, can also be the source of contention. It may surprise many to know that once the fate of a house is decided, the complications for one or both partners may just be beginning.

When one spouse decides to keep the house, that spouse often needs to refinance the loan in order to relieve the other from the burden of the mortgage. Refinancing, due to loan restrictions, can be difficult. The transition from a two-income family to a single-income household may make a qualified mortgage unattainable.

Retirement and taxes change after Pennsylvania divorce

When a divorce is imminent, there are several concerns that must be addressed, even when a split is completely amicable. Regardless of the nature of a divorce or how long a couple was married, Pennsylvania couples need to be fully aware of how a divorce may impact both their retirement plans and taxes. Both areas, along with other financial areas, are better addressed early in the process and with full disclosure.

Retirement plans can be greatly impacted by divorce. One spouse may not have any retirement savings in his or her name because the other spouse was the main wage earner in the household . In situations in which one spouse was dependent upon the other, when a split occurs, retirement plans may also need to be split. This division of retirement savings can mean one party may have to extend the number of years he or she needs to work in order to retire comfortably.

Child support problems can pose unique challenges

Whenever parents agree to a child support order, the state has the authority to ensure that order is upheld. If it is not, the state can impose penalties or harsh consequences on the parent who is not living up to that child support order. However, those consequences were particularly troubling for one man who was ordered to pay child support for a child who wasn't his. Pennsylvania parents or individuals in the midst of a paternity or child support case may be interested in the case.

The man was said to have fathered a child in 1987, according to state documentation. He was allegedly served with papers at his father's home related to a paternity proceeding. That process server apparently claimed that the man refused to sign the summons. However, documents later showed the man was in prison at the time of service and physically unable to refuse to sign, seemingly supporting his contention that he was not aware of the legal action against him.

Pennsylvania women may need financial advice as part of divorce

There are many lifestyle, emotional and physical changes that come about when a couple goes from being married to being divorced, or even when they begin the process of a divorce. When a divorce does occur, the financial changes are inevitable for both parties involved. However, according to statistics, a woman's finances may change drastically compared to that of her spouse. Pennsylvania women may be interested in advice and facts about how divorce may impact their financial standing and stability.

It is estimated that the income for a woman can drop by 37 percent right after a divorce. Also, women tend to earn less than men to begin with, on average. Because of this fact, women may have a smaller amount saved in retirement accounts -- roughly 60 percent less.

Parents should be aware of child support scams

When parents need to agree to a child support plan, it may prove to be more difficult to abide by for some parties. When a child support order is not honored and a parent falls behind, there can be very real consequences and legal action taken. However, during a time of desperation to avoid negative consequences or to obtain support, parents might fall prey to scams. Any Pennsylvania parent who is concerned over late payments or the inability to pay may want to follow a recent story about a child support scam.

Two men are facing legal consequences after being a part of a scam. The men set up an online presence advertising their services for obtaining back child support. A custodial parent would reach out and pay a percentage of the support that the men would obtain from the parent who was in the arrears.

During divorce, don't rely too heavily on friends, family

Pennsylvania spouses who are ending their marriage often find the process to be more challenging than they anticipated. Even when both parties are in agreement that divorce is the best course of action, a strong emotional response often comes when the process actually begins. Many spouses are surprised when anger, resentment and frustrations arise, and seek a sounding board to express those feelings.

The obvious outlet for many are the friends and family who have offered their support. Having this type of network in place is an essential part of moving through with relative ease. However, it is possible to ask too much of those closest to us. In the end, the result can be damage to the relationships that are most cherished.

Equitable distribution of property complex with high valued art

When a couple decides to divorce, the process can grow more complicated if the couple owns a great deal of assets or has highly valued assets. While equitable distribution of property works well in theory, Pennsylvania couples may still have difficulties dividing assets or knowing who should get what. For couples who collect art, the process can be even more complicated to handle.

When a couple who collects art decides to split, it may be necessary to create a detailed list of the art in question. The price the artwork was sold for should also be documented. Noting when the art was actually purchased is also a vital piece of information when trying to determine who owns the art or if it is indeed marital property.

Pennsylvania divorce can entail more than expected

For many people, the decision to dissolve a marriage may be the hardest thing they have ever considered. However, even after that decision is reached, there may be even more complicated or unexpected decisions to consider. Anyone in Pennsylvania who is considering a divorce may want to be aware of life aspects that may be impacted by the divorce.

Some of the issues that an experienced divorce attorney may have to help a person tackle can revolve around child custody and child support. Each family is unique and may require help with uncommon aspects of some divorces, including military family law issues or help with the division of property. A divorce may also require the help of a professional who can tackle fathers' rights and paternity law.