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Parents should be aware of child support scams

When parents need to agree to a child support plan, it may prove to be more difficult to abide by for some parties. When a child support order is not honored and a parent falls behind, there can be very real consequences and legal action taken. However, during a time of desperation to avoid negative consequences or to obtain support, parents might fall prey to scams. Any Pennsylvania parent who is concerned over late payments or the inability to pay may want to follow a recent story about a child support scam.

Two men are facing legal consequences after being a part of a scam. The men set up an online presence advertising their services for obtaining back child support. A custodial parent would reach out and pay a percentage of the support that the men would obtain from the parent who was in the arrears.

During divorce, don't rely too heavily on friends, family

Pennsylvania spouses who are ending their marriage often find the process to be more challenging than they anticipated. Even when both parties are in agreement that divorce is the best course of action, a strong emotional response often comes when the process actually begins. Many spouses are surprised when anger, resentment and frustrations arise, and seek a sounding board to express those feelings.

The obvious outlet for many are the friends and family who have offered their support. Having this type of network in place is an essential part of moving through with relative ease. However, it is possible to ask too much of those closest to us. In the end, the result can be damage to the relationships that are most cherished.

Equitable distribution of property complex with high valued art

When a couple decides to divorce, the process can grow more complicated if the couple owns a great deal of assets or has highly valued assets. While equitable distribution of property works well in theory, Pennsylvania couples may still have difficulties dividing assets or knowing who should get what. For couples who collect art, the process can be even more complicated to handle.

When a couple who collects art decides to split, it may be necessary to create a detailed list of the art in question. The price the artwork was sold for should also be documented. Noting when the art was actually purchased is also a vital piece of information when trying to determine who owns the art or if it is indeed marital property.

Pennsylvania divorce can entail more than expected

For many people, the decision to dissolve a marriage may be the hardest thing they have ever considered. However, even after that decision is reached, there may be even more complicated or unexpected decisions to consider. Anyone in Pennsylvania who is considering a divorce may want to be aware of life aspects that may be impacted by the divorce.

Some of the issues that an experienced divorce attorney may have to help a person tackle can revolve around child custody and child support. Each family is unique and may require help with uncommon aspects of some divorces, including military family law issues or help with the division of property. A divorce may also require the help of a professional who can tackle fathers' rights and paternity law.

Child custody process can focus on what is best for kids

Anytime a family splits, the issue of child custody can evoke a lot of emotion and confusion. The entire child custody process can become the most important aspect of any divorce. For Pennsylvania families, understanding how child custody works in the state and how the legal system may be beneficial can be helpful even under the most contentious circumstances.

There are many options for deciphering child custody issues aside from a courtroom battle. Mediation and collaborative family law options can help families reach decisions in a fair and timely manner. This process helps parents work together for the common good of the children involved.

Divorce takes specific planning for Pennsylvania couples

The decision to seek a divorce can be one of the biggest decisions a person ever makes. The process of getting a divorce in Pennsylvania also reaches way beyond simply knowing that all parties involved want to get a divorce. There are many steps and specific planning tips to follow to ensure as successful and smooth a divorce as possible for all parties involved.

One tip to make the divorce process smooth is to gather all information about property and assets that have been acquired during the marriage and even before the marriage. This may include assessing and taking pictures of property and gathering tax returns. It is also recommended that couples change passwords and switch personal bank accounts over to their separate names, so as to see where they stand independently when it comes to credit and finances.

What circumstances may warrant a child support modification?

A permanent child support order is typically agreed upon once parents finalize a divorce or decide custodial issues. However, a child support order is not set in stone and is not simply set as is forever. There are times when Pennsylvania parents experience a change in circumstances or a child's needs change. When this happens, parents may seek a child support modification to accommodate these changes.

A child support modification can be a temporary order, depending on the circumstances. One set of circumstances that may warrant a temporary modification may concern a parent that lost his or her job. Also, if a parent becomes ill and the other parent needs to take custody for a period of time, there may be a temporary modification of a child support order.

Finances need attention during a divorce

When a couple decides to dissolve a marriage, there are numerous decisions that need to be made right away. When it comes to finances, there may be decisions that have to be made quickly once both parties decide that divorce is imminent. Pennsylvania couples may want to follow a few tips about which financial decisions should be made swiftly.

Credit cards should be dealt with first, as should any bank accounts. If there are cards with a zero balance, both parties may want to cancel them quickly. If a spouse has a card with the other person’s name on it and decides to use it and then not pay the balance, that other spouse may be responsible for the debt. Bank accounts should be divided quickly so that one spouse does not take out money and spend it, affecting the amount of money available for immediate use.

Businessman faces felony charge for child support issues

Every state has procedures in place to deal with the nonpayment of child support. Whenever someone does not pay a child support obligation in Pennsylvania, there can be serious legal consequences. For one man who was behind in his required support payments in another state, felony charges now await him when he returns to the state where he owes the support.

The man was apparently ordered to pay $563 a month in child support. Reportedly, he failed to pay starting in 1996. His past due child support is said to amount to about $250,000. Authorities tracked the man down out on the West Coast, where he is said to be a successful celebrity trainer known around the world.

Back to school tips for parents after divorce

The back to school season can be wrought with changes and new schedules for both children and parents. After parents go through a divorce, the changes in schedules can multiply and become more difficult to keep up with. Pennsylvania parents may want to follow a few tips for making the back to school season smoother for everyone after a divorce.

One tip for parents is to work out the details of back to school shopping and expenses in advance. A parent can keep track of receipts to help each parent figure out their respective financial obligations for expenses, such as clothes, school supplies and sports needs. Another tip is to keep track of events by ensuring both parents have copies of schedules or school calendars and openly communicate about transportation responsibilities to school events.