Stepparent Adoption In Montgomery County And Bucks County, Pennsylvania

At our Rockledge, Pennsylvania, law firm, the Law Offices of Maribeth Blessing, LLC, we help step parents and same-sex couples complete the adoption process. Attorney Blessing has been practicing family law for more than 20 years and has the knowledge and experience needed to bring an adoption to a successful conclusion.

County-Specific Knowledge Of Adoption Processes

If you are a step-parent who seeks to adopt your spouse's child, or a member of a same-sex couple who hopes to adopt your partner's child, our law firm can help. The adoption process differs slightly from county to county in Pennsylvania, making it important to have an attorney who knows the procedures in the appropriate county. Attorney Maribeth Blessing has successfully concluded numerous step parent adoptions and same-sex parent adoptions in Montgomery, Philadelphia, Bucks and Delaware counties. She is ready to help you with the process, too.

Our Approach To Adoptions

As proponents of alternative dispute resolution and collaborative law, our lawyers seek to resolve disputes arising from proposed adoptions in the least confrontational way possible. We work hard to obtain the other parent's consent rather than pushing for litigation to terminate his or her parental rights. We make sure the other parent understands the financial and personal advantages of having a child adopted by his or her ex-spouse's new mate or partner.

Terminating Parental Rights

If we are unsuccessful at obtaining the biological parent's agreement, we will begin proceedings for termination of parental rights. Pennsylvania law requires that the parent, whose rights are to be terminated, must have had no contact with the child for six months before an adoption can proceed. We represent both step-parents and biological parents in adoption proceedings.

Same-Sex Couple Adoption

We help a same-sex partner of a biological parent or adoptive parent adopt his or her partner's child. Our law firm helps couples provide parents and children with the legal protection available to heterosexual couples and their children. The process requires a home study, and the completion of an adoption petition and a hearing. Our family law attorney helps clients prepare for the home study and hearing and complete the required documents correctly.

Call For An Initial Consultation

Contact our Rockledge, Pennsylvania, law firm to schedule an initial consultation to learn how we can help with an adoption. Call 215-392-0849 for an appointment for a 10 minute conversation. We also offer a two hour consultation for a very reasonable fee.