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Posts tagged "property division"

Why you shouldn't make false accusations - even during divorce

False accusations happen surprisingly often in divorces. One of the most common scenarios is the woman accusing the man of domestic violence in an attempt to legally force him out of the house and increase the woman's chances of being awarded sole custody. However, false accusations go both ways and can include accusations regarding hiding assets, substance abuse and infidelity.

Thinking long-term about finances when going through a divorce

When a couple is in the midst of a divorce and are dividing assets and finances, many people are guilty of thinking in the short-term and just wanting the divorce process to be over. The goal may be to split funds quickly and move on after a divorce. However, Pennsylvania couples may benefit by thinking about the long-term financial reality before agreeing to certain property division decisions or support payments.

Divorce in Pennsylvania may impact earnings and retirement

The changes that take place during and after a divorce can be far-reaching. Many lives change in an instant during a divorce. One area that is sure to change is a person’s financial standing or outlook. For couples who are going through what is dubbed a “gray divorce,” which is divorce after the age of 50, the impact a Pennsylvania divorce may have on retirement savings can be life-altering.

Debt obligations during divorce can get complicated

When there is a divorce pending, it might seem like property division decisions may be pretty cut and dry. People may assume it is clear what is considered marital property and what is deemed separate property during a divorce. However, as many Pennsylvania couples can attest, these assumptions can get clouded where debt is concerned, especially student loan debt.

More Pennsylvania baby boomers taking steps toward divorce

As people age and make it past certain milestones, they may be seen as a much stronger and dedicated couple than their younger counterparts. However, as the baby boomer generation ages, there is a noticeable uptick in how many couples who have been married for decades that are now headed for divorce. Any Pennsylvania couples divorcing in their golden years may be relieved to know the trend referred to as gray divorce is occurring everywhere.

Pennsylvania divorce can be a time of financial upheaval

When a married couple decides to separate, they may be essentially going from a two income family to a one income family. The costs incurred during a divorce under the most amicable of circumstances, and the financial reality of parting ways in Pennsylvania, can be a time of great confusion and upheaval. This financial distress can make the process much more complicated unless both parties are adequately prepared for the financial changes to come.

Divorce can make holidays difficult for Pennsylvania families

When someone goes through a divorce, even when it is completely amicable, there is typically a period of adjustment and decision making for the people involved. Pennsylvania couples in the midst of divorce or facing their first holiday season and New Year as newly divorced may benefit from some universal tips. While each family is different in how they deal with divorce, the following tips may help anyone who is dealing with divorce issues, such as decisions over property division, child visitation, or social situations.

Custody of pets may factor into Pennsylvania divorce

Regardless of the length of the marriage or the value of the assets involved, there is bound to be some contention when it comes to making decisions as a divorce looms. Many Pennsylvania couples may agree on the fate of most valuables or assets during a divorce, but it certainly isn't uncommon for a few assets to cause conflict. When it comes to pets and custody of beloved animals, Pennsylvania couples may be surprised to learn pets are considered property, even if the pet owners view them as much more.

Pennsylvania divorce: Woman may receive up to $800 million

A billionaire's wife recently filed for divorce from her husband of 43 years. The couple's fortune is estimated to be worth $1.6 billion dollars, and reports state they had no prenuptial agreement. Any type of divorce in Pennsylvania can be difficult, but when massive wealth is as stake, there is always the possibility of lengthy divorce proceedings while couples try to come to a property division agreement fair to both of them.

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