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Tips for Pennsylvania school-related child custody issues

It's that time of year again, when children head back to school and parents' lives fill up with school-related duties like shuttling kids back and forth and helping with homework. For Pennsylvania couples going through divorce, the issue of who gets child custody is only one item to negotiate once kids go back to school. Communication disputes can crop up if one parent does something the other doesn't expect, or if one parent feels left out of the loop regarding school-related decisions. In those instances where the parties cannot agree, mediation or court intervention may be necessary.

Pennsylvania couples face pressure for same-sex parent adoption

Same-sex couples who are used to facing their own set of challenges when it comes to getting married may be surprised to find that some challenges are the same no matter what type of couple is involved. For instance, many parents want to know just when a newly-married couple is going to make them grandparents. For Pennsylvania couples who may have previously considered starting a family impossible, the idea of same-sex parent adoption might take some getting used to.

August is Child Support Awareness Month

August marks Child Support Awareness Month, which can be a good time for those who have either gone through or may go through divorce to educate themselves on child support issues. Pennsylvania parents who face child support issues on an ongoing basis may wish to know more about how the law impacts their rights and responsibilities. While individual child support orders will vary from case to case, there are some basic things that can be kept in mind.

House passes legislation seeking to enforce international child support

Recently, in support of helping states further enforce child support obligations, the House passed legislation seeking to ratify an international child support treaty. Among other states, this may mean a much faster process of collection for Pennsylvania parents awaiting child support from non-custodial parents living outside of the United States. A process that may have previously taken five or more years to accomplish due to international laws may be subject to greater cooperation between signatory nations if the legislation is enacted into law.

Revisiting child custody agreements for growing children

When spouses in Pennsylvania and across the United States come to the decision to divorce, a lot of difficult and time-consuming factors have to be taken into consideration. While splitting assets can be frustrating, nothing brings more hardship than splitting parenting time when it comes to the children involved.

Adoption tax credit set to expire at the end of the year

When considering pursuing an adoption, there are many things to look into. Among some of the factors a person might consider may be whether or not to seek an open adoption, adopting a child from abroad, or whether to adopt an older child. However, another factor to keep in mind may be the adoption tax credit.

An open infant adoption is the new normal

Residents in Pennsylvania thinking about adopting a child may be interested in the results of a recent survey. As many may know, it was once true that the birth parent and the adoptive parent typically had little or no contact in an infant adoption. However, the survey that was released in March shows that this is no longer the case. Indeed, the new normal is such that the birth parent often meets with the adoptive family prior to the adoption and may even pick the family as well.

Pennsylvania unclaimed property seized for unpaid child support

Obtaining back-due child support can be difficult and even sometimes impossible for many Pennsylvania custodial parents. Part of the problem may be that the non-custodial parent is facing financial hardship and is truly unable to meet his or her financial obligations. However, a lot of times it may not even be possible to locate the non-custodial parent, making it all the more difficult to procure child support.

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