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Man faces jail time over child support nonpayment

Whenever a person is legally identified as the parent of a child, that person is typically obligated to pay support if he or she is the noncustodial parent. However, this obligation to pay child support for a child is not always so cut and dried. Pennsylvania parents may be interested in the recent case of a man facing jail time over failure to pay child support for a child he did not father.

Failure to pay child support case gets complicated for immigrant

When a child support order is handed down in family court, failure to pay can result in serious consequences for the paying parent. However, not every case of failure to pay child support is cut and dry. Any parent in Pennsylvania who struggles with child support payments or struggles to ensure that a paying parent keeps up with payments may be interested in the case of an immigrant who was jailed for not paying.

Businessman faces felony charge for child support issues

Every state has procedures in place to deal with the nonpayment of child support. Whenever someone does not pay a child support obligation in Pennsylvania, there can be serious legal consequences. For one man who was behind in his required support payments in another state, felony charges now await him when he returns to the state where he owes the support.

Dad serves jail time for clerical error regarding child support

Most parents diligently act to stay current with the child support order they are obligated to pay. If a parent falls behind in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, there are a number of circumstances that can occur, one of those being jail time. Recently, a dad was released from jail related to a child support issue. The situation made news due to the fact that the back due child support was due to a clerical error rather than an intended failure to pay.

Pennsylvania dad jailed for not paying child support

Whenever a couple shares a child, an agreement pertaining to child support is legally binding. This means any kind of breach of the child support agreement can have legal consequences. A Pennsylvania dad is finding out that a breach of child support can lead to multiple criminal consequences as he faces jail time again.

Surprising child support situation garners media attention

When a couple agrees to a child support amount, the amount due typically gets paid on time and all is well between the parties. However, complications can arise and lead to court intervention, even if those complications are unintentional. Recently, a father gained media attention for being handed a jail sentence in a case where it appears that he actually overpaid child support. Any Pennsylvania parents who are unsure what they owe or fear there may be a discrepancy in how payments are handled may want to follow the story.

Conference clears up child support questions for teens

When people think about child support issues or problems, they may picture grown adults disagreeing after a divorce. However, another segment of the population may have child support questions or need advice. That segment is teen parents. Any Pennsylvania teenaged parents might be interested in the guidance and answers a recent conference provided.

Falling behind in child support can affect freedom

Whenever couple's divorce or even if they were never married, the responsibility that comes with having a child to financially provide for can be overwhelming or difficult for some individuals. However, once an order to pay a certain amount of child support has been handed down, not following through with that order can have serious consequences. Pennsylvania parents who pay or receive child support payments may want to follow the case of one man and his recent arrest.

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