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Wife files for divorce, cites husbands prison term

There are as many reasons why people divorce as why people decide to marry. However, sometimes the reasons cited for divorcing a spouse can play a major role in everything that has to be dealt with afterwards, such as alimony and child support. Pennsylvania couples divorcing may want to follow the story of how a divorce involving one spouse's criminal record is playing out.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore divorce update: Are they at odds?

Pennsylvania readers have likely followed the media reports about the separation of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Though the A-List couple has apparently not actually filed for divorce, the two have been separated since 2011. Indeed, Ashton is said to be in the midst of a new romance with Mila Kunis and was rumored to have had extramarital affairs with at least two other women.

Child support issues for Pennsylvania parents to consider

Few people enter into a marriage believing that it won't be the "happily-ever-after" most envision. The reality of life, though, is that approximately half of marriages do eventually end in divorce. This can be even more emotionally damaging for children who are caught in the middle. That is one reason that Pennsylvania parents should strive to make amicable child support arrangements if at all possible.

Cohabitation agreements can benefit Pennsylvania couples

Historically, combining finances typically involved getting married and a woman giving up control over her assets and income to a spouse. Nowadays, however, the merging of a couple's finances has become vastly different than it was in the past. Not all Pennsylvania couples who share their financial resources and burdens get married. Some of those couples may want to consider the merits that cohabitation agreements can provide. Others may find different approaches that work equally well for them.

Tips on protecting your finances throughout the divorce process

Most people don't ask for divorce. For a marriage in which someone provided their all and received nothing or little in return, it is just a difficult circumstance to deal with. And when the marriage lasted for years and all of a sudden comes to an end, it is even more devastating. However, no matter how emotionally tasking a divorce in Pennsylvania may be, it is crucial for any spouse that wants to come out of the divorce on top financially learn what they can do in order to protect their finances to the best of their ability.

Financial affidavits in divorce

In a divorce, there are several documents that a Pennsylvania resident should gather. Some of these documents may be items such as deeds, insurance contracts and loan documents that are not necessarily required but are nonetheless helpful to have on hand. However, some documents, such as a financial affidavit, may be required by the court in a divorce.

Daughter, current husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor in guardianship fight

When people approach their later years, they may not necessarily be able to take care of their financial affairs or see to their medical treatment. However, Pennsylvania law allows for what is known as a guardianship. Under a guardianship, one's affairs are taken care of by a court-appointed person. Recently, guardianships entered the news after Zsa Zsa Gabor's daughter requested that a judge place her mother in one.

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