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Posts tagged "custody dispute"

Dual citizenship may complicate Missouri child custody cases

One of the most challenging parts of a Pennsylvania divorce is the child custody process. Although the majority of parents are able to come to a mutually agreeable decision, difficult issues may arise if one of the parents holds dual citizenship in another country. Many have heard of news reports concerning parents fleeing overseas with their children to avoid child custody battles. When a parent holds dual citizenship, the issue of where the children will live can quickly become complex.

Deported father to be regain child custody of 3 sons

An unusual child custody case involving a deported illegal alien has been recently resolved. The case has made headlines in Pennsylvania and across the nation, and exemplifies the difficulties that family court judges face in applying existing child custody laws to deported foreign nationals once their children have entered the American social services system. As more and more parents find themselves deported under the current immigration policies, these issues are likely to continue to arise.

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