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Posts tagged "custody"

Supreme Court rules on adoption case

Family law situations and child custody can be a complicated matter, and doing what is in the best interest of a child may not be as easy as it sounds. In one particular child custody and adoption case, the parties have gone all the way to the Supreme Court to reach a decision. Any Pennsylvania couples in the midst of adoption, especially those of Native American descent or those involved in an adoption of a child with Native American roots, may want to follow the ruling and what may be next for the parties involved.

Father's rights group backs mom in child custody fight

A now-single mother of two children will soon appear in family court in the hopes of finally being able to see her children. She feels that her child custody case has not been handled fairly by a Pennsylvania judge. The Alliance for Fathers and Families is backing her in hopes that their support will sway the ruling of the court. Some find it unusual that a group dedicated to fathers' rights is aiding a single mother, but they say that one of their main missions is to help families.

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