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More rallying for grandparents' rights to visit children

The issue of grandparents' rights seems to be a growing concern for many Americans across the country. Pennsylvania grandparents who have seen their children lose custody of their grandchildren know that it can be difficult to obtain visiting rights once the state takes over. Oftentimes, courts cannot legally order foster parents to let biological grandparents see their grandchildren. For reasons such as this, many people are starting to lobby for grandparents' rights.

Hope for those with domestic violence orders who own pets

Reports of domestic violence can often seem depressing, but one domestic violence shelter is working to bring hope and positivity to the lives of those they serve by opening an animal kennel on shelter grounds. Pennsylvania residents who have ever had to obtain domestic violence orders likely know that choosing to leave an abusive spouse often means making a difficult choice: getting out of an abusive situation by leaving their beloved pet behind or staying put. For those who love their animals as if they're part of the family, this can be an untenable decision to make.

House passes legislation seeking to enforce international child support

Recently, in support of helping states further enforce child support obligations, the House passed legislation seeking to ratify an international child support treaty. Among other states, this may mean a much faster process of collection for Pennsylvania parents awaiting child support from non-custodial parents living outside of the United States. A process that may have previously taken five or more years to accomplish due to international laws may be subject to greater cooperation between signatory nations if the legislation is enacted into law.

Revisiting child custody agreements for growing children

When spouses in Pennsylvania and across the United States come to the decision to divorce, a lot of difficult and time-consuming factors have to be taken into consideration. While splitting assets can be frustrating, nothing brings more hardship than splitting parenting time when it comes to the children involved.

Neon Deion Sanders' divorce gets ugly

As Pennsylvania readers may have observed, the matrimonial woes for former NFL great Deion Sanders and his wife, Pilar Sanders, continue. Until recently, they have been sharing the matrimonial residence as they work through what appears to be an increasingly stressful and adversarial divorce proceeding. But thanks to the recent decision of a family court judge, Pilar Sanders has been ordered to stay away from the marital home for 60 days. But that has not stopped her from leveling counter charges against her husband, as both sides now appear to be headed for a war over competing claims for protective orders.

Spying not worth the potential cost in a divorce

Pennsylvania couples going through divorce may be interested in a new trend presenting itself around the nation. Spying is becoming ever more popular due to an increase in low-cost, high-tech gadgetry. With an ability to tuck a tiny recording device into someone's cellphone or purse, divorce fodder is becoming even easier to find. Suspicious spouses abound, but the new trend in spying is affecting numerous people involved in an acrimonious divorce.

Older Americans seeking divorce more

Pennsylvania residents may be interested to know that divorce is increasingly changing. People no longer feel pressured to stay in unhappy marriages, and divorce has lost much of the stigma that it once had. Yet even though the overall divorce rate appears to be stabilizing, the number of older Americans seeking divorce has gone up.

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