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Posts tagged "collaborative divorce"

Collaborative law: The process

You and your spouse have made the decision to end your marriage. It's a difficult time, and no matter the circumstances, there will be challenging moments ahead. However, there are some things you can do to reduce the stress and conflict as much as possible and make the process easier on everyone.

Why You Should Choose Collaborative Law For Your Divorce

The traditional legal system is designed to be adversarial - there are two sides fighting against each other, trying to "win." While this system may work for many legal issues, it is often not effective when used for family law disputes such as divorce or child custody. Rather than there being a clear "winner" and "loser" both sides often walk away feeling as if they lost.

Collaborative divorce for baby boomers?

According to the federal 2009 American Community Survey, adults age 50 and older have gone from being only one in every 10 people who have divorced in 1990, to being one in every four people in 2009. There are more than several potential reasons why a couple older in age may choose to divorce later in life.

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