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Child Support: What Parents In Pennsylvania Need To Know

Children are often unwitting bystanders to their parents' personal and relationship challenges and, in cases where a child's parents split without ever marrying or decide to divorce, it's imperative that a child's needs continue to be met.

Harold Hamm's divorce settlement set to break record

Not only can the break-up of a marriage be emotionally difficult, it can be financially damaging as well. However, it can be particularly expensive if a divorcee happens to be a billionaire businessman in Pennsylvania or in any other state. This is what Rupert Murdoch recently found out when a court ordered him to pay $1.7 billion as a result of his 1999 divorce from Anna Murdoch, his second wife. At the time this was considered the world's most costly divorce, but Murdoch's divorce is set to be topped by an even more expensive divorce.

Pennsylvania mom makes child support most wanted list

When people often think about the most wanted list for child support evaders, they may typically picture what has been colloquially known as the 'deadbeat dad.' However, for the first time, a mom has made the 'most wanted' list for being behind on child support payments. The Pennsylvania woman is reportedly behind in child support to the tune of $330,000.

Child support issues can affect career opportunities

While everyone's circumstances may be different, when a court orders child support payments, people across all economic lines may suffer a number of consequences if they fall behind. Falling behind in child support payments in Pennsylvania or any other state can lead to a number of penalties and even a loss of one's freedom. One recent case making news highlights how falling behind can affect a parent's ability to do their job.

Pennsylvania man allegedly breaks law to pay child support

Whenever a parent falls behind or thinks they may be late with child support payments, they may go to unusual lengths to meet their legal obligation. One Pennsylvania man has found himself in trouble with the law due to the alleged actions he took to pay back child support. The man was an independent contractor and has been accused of misusing funds he received for a job by using them for settling his child support debt.

Violation of divorce agreement can lead to charges

Many people wrongfully assume that once a divorce is final, they may not ever have to deal with each other again, at least in a legal sense. If there are kids involved and there is a divorce agreement, the couple may certainly have to navigate the courts time and time again for years to come. Any Pennsylvania couples in the midst of divorce or who have issues with their current divorce agreement should know that violating the agreement at any time can lead to a complaint or charges in court, as is the case with a former governor and his ex-wife.

Former Pennsylvania pro football player files for divorce

Any time a divorce filing plays out in public, there are bound to be multiple issues aired. The proverbial court of public opinion can be just as a trying as an actual court hearing. For Kordell Stewart, whose Pennsylvania football days were spent with the Pittsburgh Steelers, his divorce case is already making news and not just because of how well known or how wealthy the couple may be. Stewart's divorce news is drawing attention because his wife alleges that she found out he filed for divorce by reading about it through the news.

Former Pennsylvania politician has a dramatic divorce process

A former state representative from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has recently had marital problems that led him to the courtroom and then to jail. The divorce process could be complex because there are many past issues to consider, such as alleged domestic violence, drunk driving, extra-marital affairs and child custody arrangements. The representative's wife has gotten a court order to protect her from potential abuse, so the couple will not have any contact with one another before the court proceedings take place.

Pennsylvania child custody: Man fights for son after tragic loss

No matter the reason, Pennsylvania child custody battles can often be delicate and emotionally draining. A father is being forced to fight a devastating battle after losing his girlfriend to suicide. Child welfare authorities stepped in after the woman's death and took the child, claiming they did so because the man was not the child's biological father. What resulted is a heart-wrenching child custody battle and a plea from a grieving father.

Pennsylvania child support: Woman claims NFL player owes 23k

With the poor economy and amount of job losses in Pennsylvania and across the country, many parents may have difficulty paying their child support. Others may be in financial trouble because they aren't receiving timely payments. When parents get into this situation, both sides ultimately have legal options available that can help with child support problems.

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