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Family law: Social media clauses in prenups, custody agreements

It seems that social media has taken over how people live their lives and conduct business. Social media sites have wonderful benefits, allowing people to keep in touch with others despite distance and years. However, they have a downside as well; it is almost impossible to limit who sees information posted on social media. Even if a user has tight security settings, his or her connections may not keep pictures and other information private. As a result, many people in Pennsylvania are turning to social media clauses in legal arrangements related to family law.

Why You Should Choose Collaborative Law For Your Divorce

The traditional legal system is designed to be adversarial - there are two sides fighting against each other, trying to "win." While this system may work for many legal issues, it is often not effective when used for family law disputes such as divorce or child custody. Rather than there being a clear "winner" and "loser" both sides often walk away feeling as if they lost.

The basics of the collaborative law process

These days, couples around the country and here in Pennsylvania are no longer bound by the traditional divorce model that pits the parties against each other in court, which can often only increase the acrimony between them. One of the alternatives that is gaining popularity with divorcing couples is the collaborative law process. This approach to divorce allows the parties to avoid a contentious, time-consuming and expensive court battle.

Need for Pennsylvania orders for protection may rise this month

No matter what time of the year it is, domestic violence can be an issue for Pennsylvania families. However, New Year's Eve and the day after shows a startling rise in attacks, and the aftermath of such violence can be followed by a separation or divorce filing. In fact, statistics shows that splits skyrocket in the month of January. The month represents a time for starting over and change, but it is important for women in a domestic violence situation to take extra precautions when leaving a spouse or significant other. Orders for protection can often help women as they navigate the waters of divorce or separation.

Case Law Update - Family Law: Superior Court Rules That Parent With Sole Custody Has Right to Make Unilateral Decisions Regarding Child

By Cynthia Bashore, Esquire

Pennsylvania men can have need of domestic violence orders

It may be something of a surprise to readers to find that it's not just women who are victims of domestic violence. Statistics, however, show that men can often be the victims of domestic violence as well. With October marking Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Pennsylvania residents who are considering filing for domestic violence orders may wish to learn more about this important issue.

Cohabitation agreements can benefit Pennsylvania couples

Historically, combining finances typically involved getting married and a woman giving up control over her assets and income to a spouse. Nowadays, however, the merging of a couple's finances has become vastly different than it was in the past. Not all Pennsylvania couples who share their financial resources and burdens get married. Some of those couples may want to consider the merits that cohabitation agreements can provide. Others may find different approaches that work equally well for them.

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