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Child Custody Archives

Summer Is Coming....Have You And Your Ex Discussed Custody Plans?

Spring has sprung throughout the Philadelphia metro and school-age children throughout the area are counting down the days until summer break. When it comes to summer vacations, camps, family trips and general day-to-day activities, for many parents, summer presents both opportunities and challenges. If you're a divorced or separated parent who shares child custody with an ex, summer is likely an especially hectic time.

Co-Parenting: How to Make it Easier

Getting divorced is never an easy process. This is especially true if you have young children. In fact, even in cases where both you and your ex amicably agreed to end a marriage and opted for a less-adversarial collaborative divorce, things can change after the ink on a divorce agreement dries.

For recently divorced parents, communication is key as kids head back to school

As summer winds down, school-age children throughout Pennsylvania are preparing to head back to school. For parents and children alike, this time of year can be stressful as the whole family must adjust to new daily routines and responsibilities. In cases where a child's parents recently separated or divorced, heading back to school this fall may be a particularly challenging time for everyone.

Do grandparents have rights when it comes to custody?

Grandparents play an important role in their grandchildren's lives and the larger family dynamic. In the best case scenario, grandparents have consistent access to their grandchildren, with the parents' blessing, and are able to develop close, positive relationships with them. However, best case scenario doesn't happen all the time, and there are times when grandparents may find themselves facing an uphill battle trying to get access to their grandchildren. If you are currently dealing with this type of scenario, you may be able to file for custody in the family courts, but you need to be aware of what that entails.

Parental relocation: what are the laws in Pennsylvania?

If you feel the need for a major lifestyle change or a fresh start after your divorce, you're not alone. It's common for other big changes, like a new job or a cross-country move, to follow your change in relationship status. However, if you have children with your ex and are planning on taking them along with you, there are rules and procedures that must be followed.

Avoiding child custody complications during the summer

As summer approaches, many parents in Pennsylvania are deciding how they will spend time with their children. In many cases, this involves making travel plans, child care arrangements and decisions regarding extracurricular activities. These issues can be more complicated for parents who are no longer involved romantically and could require additional legal measures to be taken in regard to child custody.

Woman seeks child custody of her son following illness

While some in Pennsylvania have complication-free pregnancies, others do not and, ultimately, find themselves in the hospital. Being ill during pregnancy can make caring for another child complicated; many families are able to cope by relying on family members and friends. Unfortunately, one out-of-state woman hospitalized due to pregnancy complications claims that a woman she considered a friend -- and former employee of the Department of Children's Services -- took advantage of their relationship by seeking child custody of her young son while she was in the hospital.

Judge issues interim child custody order in Bristol Palin case

Couples in Pennsylvania separate in different stages of their relationships for a variety of reasons. Those with or expecting children must make decisions regarding how they will parent their children together. Child custody issues for parents of infants can be slightly more complicated if the child is breastfeeding. However, an out-of-state judge recently ruled that the potential of disrupting Bristol Palin's breastfeeding schedule cannot prevent the child's father from having overnight visits.

Why You Should Choose Collaborative Law For Your Divorce

The traditional legal system is designed to be adversarial - there are two sides fighting against each other, trying to "win." While this system may work for many legal issues, it is often not effective when used for family law disputes such as divorce or child custody. Rather than there being a clear "winner" and "loser" both sides often walk away feeling as if they lost.

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