Tips for an easier and successful collaborative divorce

A collaborative divorce is a great way of dealing with things compared to a traditional litigated divorce. You will save both time and money with this less-adversarial approach to settling your divorce.

While collaborative divorce is mostly team effort, knowing what to do and expect will help you get through everything easily. Below are some tips for a successful collaborative divorce:

1. Communicate openly

You must communicate openly and honestly to make the most of a collaborative divorce. Do not hesitate to express your concerns, feelings and priorities during the process. Remember, the end goal is a mutual consensus; you have a right to be heard.

2. Be flexible

There has to be a give and take from both sides in a collaborative divorce. Therefore, it is best to avoid taking a hardline stance during negotiations. Both parties should be open to new ideas and be willing to negotiate or compromise to find a solution that works for everyone.

3. It’s not about winning

Do not go into a collaborative divorce with the mindset of competition. Instead, think of it as a combined effort to settle the divorce in a peaceful way. Consider everyone involved, including the children, and aim to cooperate rather than compete.

4. Choose the right professionals

Collaborative divorce requires a team of professionals, including attorneys, therapists, financial advisors, and other specialists. Make sure that you choose professionals who have experience and training in collaborative divorce and who share your values and goals for the process.

Learn more about how a collaborative divorce works

Finally, it helps to know what to expect during the entire process. Learning more about your rights and how everything works during a collaborative divorce will go a long way in protecting your interests.