Is collaborative divorce the right option for me?

Ending a marriage is never easy. However, if you and your spouse are willing to work toward a fair solution for your assets, considering a collaborative divorce in Pennsylvania may make the process easier.

What is collaborative divorce?

This increasingly popular approach to divorce involves an environment of mutual respect when dividing assets and determining child custody. Both spouses agree to refrain from heading to court and work together collaboratively to obtain an acceptable divorce agreement. You may agree to bring in professionals such as financial and child custody specialists to develop the agreement’s terms. Because you and your spouse share costs, you can save considerable money during the divorce process.

Are we good candidates for collaborative divorce?

Both you and your spouse should be interested in this approach for the process to work. You are good candidates if you meet the following:

  • Feel comfortable working with your spouse and can set aside destructive emotions
  • Want to end your marriage with integrity and respect
  • Desire to protect your children from a messy, emotional split
  • Concerned about the cost of the divorce
  • Willing to compromise and let small things go
  • Have the ability to put yourself in your spouse’s shoes to come to an agreement

Collaborative divorce produces many benefits

Spending less money on your divorce agreement is only one of the benefits that this process can bring. Everyone involved will experience less tension and stress, which is especially important if you have children. In a traditional divorce scenario, individuals often lose focus due to negative feelings about their spouses. Collaborative divorce involves everything thinking together for the common good.

Couples who go through a collaborative divorce tend to come up with more creative solutions. Instead of having a judge decide how you will split your assets, which generally makes no one happy, you decide. You stay in control the whole time. Collaborative divorces often take less time than traditional ones, so you, your spouse and your children can get on with your lives and begin healing sooner.