Why embracing co-parenting matters

Parenting responsibilities do not end when parents in Pennsylvania get divorced. Unless a parent is completely absent from their child’s life, both parents usually continue to develop their relationship with their child after the end of their marriage. In many cases, the parents also undertake co-parenting responsibilities. However, some parents do not fully embrace this and instead approach parenthood after divorce as single parents, even when the other parent is fully involved. Embracing co-parenting, however, has benefits for everyone.

Defining co-parenting

Co-parenting is the term used to describe the relationship between some parents after divorce. When they co-parent, parents continue to be jointly responsible as they raise their children, even though they are no longer intimately involved. Often, this involves frequent interaction between the parents as they maneuver the aspects of raising the child such as education, health, religion and socialization.

How co-parenting benefits the children

When done successfully, co-parenting is very beneficial to the children. This type of relationship can show the children that both parents continue to be fully committed to the family and help them continue to develop their relationship with each parent. It allows children to see how adults resolve conflicts in a healthy way. It also often provides a stronger sense of stability and safety.

How co-parenting benefits the parents

Parents also benefit from the co-parenting relationship. Some of the benefits for parents include:
• Sharing the responsibilities of raising the child
• Finding support during difficult times
• Receiving validation from the other parent
• Enjoying free time to pursue other interests, hobbies and relationships

Embracing co-parenting means being willing to communicate with the other parent in a healthy, mature and respectful way. It means negotiating how children will be raised in both households and instituting the same rules, chores and discipline methods. But it also means enjoying the benefits.