Can professional services help your co-parenting journey?

Divorced Pennsylvania parents might struggle to make the relationship work, even when they have chosen to co-parent for the benefit of their children. When these conflicts get in the way of successful co-parenting, they have some professional options that might help them work out their differences. Sometimes parents choose to use these options, such as co-parenting counseling or therapy. Other times, the court might order parents to use services, such as mediation, which the parents can also voluntarily choose.

Mediation might help you craft a strong parenting plan

An important part of the co-parenting journey is the parenting plan. This is also a requirement in child custody cases. When parents are unable to work through the issues to create a parenting plan, they might use mediation. Whether it is court-ordered or voluntarily chosen, mediation provides a variety of benefits for the parents and the children, including:

  • Working with a neutral mediator who can listen to both sides and guide them toward finding a middle ground
  • Keeping control of the way issues that affect the family are resolved
  • Learning to communicate amicably so that collaboration is possible
  • Maintaining privacy regarding family details as mediation does not happen in an open court
  • Creating a parenting plan that is beneficial to the whole family

Co-parenting counseling or therapy can help

Because the co-parenting relationship will go on for years as the parents raise their children, a positive relationship between the parents is needed. For some, this might entail seeking professional parenting services. During co-parenting counseling or therapy, the parents learn to work through the issues that are preventing them from being successful co-parents. The focus, however, is on how to benefit the children.

Professional help can help you spend less time working through the issues, prevent possible future conflicts and allow you to focus on the children’s well-being. It can also help you achieve peace of mind after a divorce.