Preparing for the Holiday Season Amid Divorce

The holiday season is known for peace, joy and togetherness. When you’re entering your first holiday season amid a divorce though, it can be hard to keep those themes at the forefront of your mind. To help you be as prepared as possible, here are some tips to follow during this time of year.

Have a custody arrangement

One of the many benefits of joint custody agreements is knowing what holidays you’ll be able to spend with your children this year and which you can celebrate early. It also allows you to manage expectations for the actual day of the holiday. If you have your kids on Thanksgiving, but not on Christmas then you can make alternate plans so you aren’t spending what’s supposed to be a joyous day alone.

Mix up traditions

While family traditions are great, so is mixing things up every once in a while. A change might be just what you need to own the holidays this year and make it something new for you. This can be something like trying a new Thanksgiving turkey recipe instead of what you or your former spouse used to make. Sometimes the small changes can make a big difference.

Create a plan b

If the movie “The Santa Claus” taught us anything about divorce at Christmas, it’s to have a plan b so you don’t end up at a Denny’s due to a burnt turkey. Having a backup plan while you navigate your first post-divorce holiday season could make all the difference between memorable and disastrous. In particular, having a travel backup plan is especially needed this holiday season with so much uncertainty still lingering.

Plan for questions

People are naturally curious. That’s why you need to prepare to tell your story and answer questions from nosy family and friends. While breaking the news about your divorce to them is never fun, hopefully you’ll only have to go through it during one holiday this year.

Set achievable resolutions

The light at the end of the holiday season tunnel is New Year’s. While everyone else makes the same old resolutions, make sure you’re setting ones that are both achievable and are focusing on you for 2022. This could be something like looking into a FHA loan so you can buy your own home post-divorce or putting yourself out there to potentially find love again. Do whatever will make 2022 your happiest year yet.