Tips to promote a collaborative divorce

While the idea of getting a divorce often fills a spouse with a sense of dread, there are ways if improving the situation. A collaborative divorce allows couples to work together and end things on their own terms. Considering the recent rise in the rate of divorce, it may be time to spread the word about this alternative resolution to divorce.

Agreeing to collaborate through a divorce is not enough to ensure things will go well, however. To help promote the efficiency and speed of the process, here are five tips you should follow:

Set your feelings aside

When it comes to property division and custody agreements, negotiations can become aggressive very quickly. Making a point to keep calm and set your feelings to the side can help everyone push through the complex parts with little difficulty.

Promote communication

Your spouse can only work with you when they know everything that you do. Keeping your goals and expectations hiding in negotiations only means it will take more time and energy to resolve things.

Keep things fair

Trying to negotiate to keep more than your fair share rarely works out in your favor. This kind of negotiation can drastically slow down the process and even stop a collaborative divorce altogether.

Establish a timeline

Working with your spouse to put an end date to your negotiations can be a good thing. When there is a definitive end to your negotiations, it can help you both stay focused on your priorities and get through your divorce promptly.

Hire an attorney

You may think that hiring an attorney is a sign that you are unwilling to work together in a divorce, but it is purely a matter of benefitting everyone. Your attorney can help you prioritize your goals, stay focused on your timeline, and avoid mistakes that can cost you more than you should have to give up. Let an experienced divorce attorney help you through your collaborative divorce.