Can you relocate with your kids after a Pennsylvania divorce?

People often don’t like to stay in the house where they lived with their spouse and children after a divorce. It could bring up painful memories or just be too expensive for one person to pay for on their own. 

Moving is often part of moving on after the end of a marriage. Depending on your situation, you may find yourself moving across the state of Pennsylvania or even out of the state. Can you relocate with your children if you share custody with your ex after your divorce?

You need permission to relocate when you share custody

The Pennsylvania family courts want to do what is best for the children in your family, and that will very likely involve you and your ex sharing custody indefinitely. They want the two of you both to be active and present in the lives of your children. For that to occur, you need to live close enough to one another to share custody. 

If you plan to move far enough away to make custody exchanges harder, you will need to notify the courts and your ex about your plans at least 60 days before you move. If your ex does not agree with your desire to move, you may have to go to court to review custody arrangements. If the courts believe that your move is not in the best interests of the children, they could disallow it or even allocate more parenting time to your ex instead of allowing you to leave with the children. 

Understanding the rules about relocations in Pennsylvania can help you plan for your future when you share custody of your children with your ex-spouse.