When should you call a collaborative divorce attorney?

Scorched-earth divorce battles make for compelling television. Despite what Hollywood may have you believe, though, it is possible to end your marriage without going through a knock-down, drag-out fight.

With collaborative divorce, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse each have an attorney to protect your interests. Rather than fighting in open court, however, you work with your husband or wife to find creative solutions to divorce-related issues.  Here are three signs it may be time to call a collaborative divorce attorney.

1. You do not hate your spouse

Even though your marriage is no longer working, you may have little or no animosity toward your spouse. If your husband or wife feels the same way, it may make little sense to sling mud in divorce court. Exploring your options with a collaborative divorce attorney may keep you and your spouse from resenting each other.

2. Your kids have some concerns

Even under ideal circumstances, divorce can be hard on children. Any effort you make to put the minds of your kids at ease is likely to pay dividends. When you pursue a collaborative divorce, you demonstrate to your children you and your spouse are working together toward a common goal. This may give them some confidence in the stability of the family’s future.

3. You want to save some money

Collaborative divorce is typically less expensive than a protracted court fight. While you are likely to end up with an equitable share of the marital estate, saving money on your divorce may allow you to build a solid financial future. Of course, if resources are scarce, meeting with a collaborative divorce attorney probably makes a great deal of sense.

While collaborative divorce is not an option for all couples, it may be the right approach for you and your spouse. After all, even if you cannot settle all divorce-related matters using a collaborative process, you can likely put many issues to bed.