Is divorce mediation right for us?

Not every couple who is looking to divorce wants to duke it out. Many are looking for respectful, amicable ways to end a marriage.

If you are interested in a more peaceful process for your divorce, it may be worth considering whether mediation is right for you.

What is mediation?

The purpose of mediation is to settle disputes without going to court. It is a facilitated process in which the parties arrive at their own decisions. Unlike arbitration, there is no neutral third party employed to make a binding judgment. Rather, couples may select a mediator to provide guidance and advice.

Each of you obtains your own legal representation and brings a list of issues that needs to be resolved. The mediator will help keep the discussion on track and ensure it is productive for both of you. Once resolutions are achieved, the attorneys will provide legal advice, as well as draft and file the paperwork needed to finalize the divorce.

Benefits of mediation

Because mediation is not a “winner or loser” outcome, both parties generally feel empowered to make their own decisions. It is generally less expensive because it is also generally less time consuming. Both parties share the cost of experts, which eases financial burden.

Mediation is often an attractive option for couples with children, as it makes the process of establishing custody and support less confrontational. Instead, parents work together to build creative and amicable plans. This brings peace of mind to you and the children.

If you believe that you will be unable to cooperate in a decision-making process, mediation isn’t the right option for your divorce. But if you think it is achievable, it can be a very rewarding, transformative experience for your family in the long term.