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December 2017 Archives

5 Tips To Spark Great Communication With Children in Transition

Divorce triggers many changes that can be difficult on the whole family, and especially on children. However, transitions to new living arrangements and schedules can be made easier when parents make communication a top priority. Here are some tips for parents on ways to keep the lines of communication open during this, and any, time of great transition.

Is Divorce Mediation Right For You And Your Soon-To-Be Ex?

Divorce is traditionally viewed as being a contentious process. Spouses are programmed to view each another as the enemy and to be guarded and wary when forced to interact with one another. In reality, there are plenty of couples who still like and respect their ex, but simply no longer want to be married and view divorce as a mutually-beneficial solution. If this latter description applies to your situation, you may want to consider divorce mediation.

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