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November 2017 Archives

Co-Parenting Troubles—When Disengaging Becomes A Necessity

Articles and literature on co-parenting almost always reference the importance of communication and compromise. To successfully co-parent, it is essential that parents are able to discuss and come to an agreement about a range of issues related to their child and that dialog is ongoing. While the majority of co-parents do their best to navigate the rocky and unpredictable road that is co-parenting, the relationship between some parents is simply too hostile and volatile.

Planning To File For Divorce? Do These Three Things Now

Whether you have been married for 3 or 30 years, at some point or another, many married couples experience problems. From financial issues and infidelity to a serious illness or issues with addiction --individuals who experience these and other difficulties in their marriage may eventually come to the decision that a marriage cannot be saved.

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