Woman claims husband secretly obtained divorce

There are many couples in Pennsylvania and across the country who come to the conclusion that they are no longer compatible. For a variety of reasons, the decision to end the marriage is often in the best interest of everyone involved, including children of the relationship. However, one woman claims she discovered that her husband of 20 years secretly filed for divorce just months after they married.

The woman claims that she became suspicious after she discovered a tax bill for the condominium she shared with her husband. Her name was not included on it. As a result, she hired a lawyer. The woman claims that she discovered that her husband sought a divorce in Dominican Republic — even though they never lived there — just four months after they were married.

The act, she alleges, was an attempt by the husband to protect his assets. In court papers, the woman claims that she did not knowingly sign any papers leading to the dissolution of their marriage and is now asking that the divorce, which is not on the record in New York where the couple married, be nullified. She further alleges that she believes her husband is attempting to sell their condo, potentially worth more than $1 million, to his daughter from a previous relationship.

Situations such as this are likely rare in Pennsylvania. However, many people seeking a divorce have benefited from the guidance of an attorney with family law experience. In many cases, couples can amicably come to decisions regarding the end of their marriage without bitterness and contention.

Source: Yahoo! Parenting, “Husband Secretly Divorces Wife of 20 Years“, Neal Colgrass, Jan. 25, 2016