Child support issues require knowledge and experience

When a divorce is unfolding, issues related to any children involved can often take front and center. When it comes to children, the specific issue of child support can be a source of confusion, frustration and contention. Pennsylvania parents should be aware that legal assistance related to child support should encompass both knowledge and experience as child support needs can be complex and varied.

Knowledge of the laws is necessary as there is a support calculator in Pennsylvania. This calculator can give parents a rough idea of what they may be expected to pay and receive in regards to child support. When the situation involves a high-income situation, the calculation can be greater than what the support calculator may indicate, and this is something that both parents should be aware of as support is decided.

Once child support is determined and an order becomes a legal responsibility of a parent, that parent must be aware of any life circumstances that may warrant changes to that amount. Modifications may be needed years after an order is handed down. There are specific circumstances that may qualify a parent to pay less support or lead a parent to seek more support for a child.

The right resources are needed in order to ensure child support is handled correctly. Any party involved in a motion to modify a child support order in Pennsylvania also needs to be aware of any changes to the guidelines or laws in general. Our firm has the up-to-date information and resources parents may be looking for as they seek child support or seek to modify an existing order.