Infidelity can impact Pennsylvania divorce

The recent hacking of an Internet site has brought news of hidden infidelity to light for many. Some Pennsylvania couples may wonder how proof of infidelity can impact a divorce. While Pennsylvania is a no-fault divorce state, the factors that led to that divorce, including infidelity, can affect how a divorce unfolds for both parties.

For some, infidelity can be costly as the guilt may be used as leverage by one spouse. But, when it comes to actual dollars and cents, the money a spouse used on an affair may be calculated and prove important as a divorce settlement moves forward. One example is if an unfaithful spouse buys an expensive gift for someone else with marital funds; the other partner may make a request to have half that amount reimbursed in a divorce settlement.

The character of each spouse may come into play if a divorce involves child custody. While having an affair does not make a person a bad parent in the eyes of the court, the details of some behavior becoming public may impact a person’s reputation. This can affect how each person pursues a child custody agreement.

The reasons a Pennsylvania couple divorces can vary, and the reasons are usually very personal. While those personal reasons do not typically impact the bottom line of a divorce agreement, the emotions involved can certainly lead one spouse to feel as if he or she must pay more out of guilt, or the other spouse may feel determined to receive more to make up for his or her emotional trauma. While the courts do strive to provide a fair and equitable resolution, the pursuit of more money and assets is certainly not uncommon. The pursuit of a divorce settlement based on factors that led to the divorce may also lengthen or shorten the time it takes to resolve the legal issues so each party can begin to move forward.

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