Pennsylvania families may find apps helpful in divorce

Communication can be a problem for co-parents during and after a divorce. Despite any communication problems or lack of desire to communicate, Pennsylvania parents who divorce simply have to find a way to communicate as they co-parent. When issues crop up or parents have a dispute, it may help to have tools in place to resolve issues and help parents work together.

As virtually everyone carries a smart phone, apps are increasingly popular and helpful in many areas of life. Divorce and co-parenting is no different as apps have evolved to help parents be better co-parents and resolve conflict. One app is available as a means of tracking child support payments and other extra payments. When a parent needs to go to court or prove payment, having this app can be helpful for those incidents or during a modification hearing.

The exchange of information between co-parents can be a sticking point that drives parents back to court. One way to resolve this issue during a child visitation or modification hearing may be for both parents to agree to use an app that has a shared calendar for accurate and smooth exchanges of information. These apps are often free, or parents can include the obligation to pay each year when drafting a modification that includes use of such an app.

An agreement for visitation, support or a modification can involve personal information and can be drafted to meet individual needs for each family. By including the use of certain new apps and legally incorporating those apps into an agreement, parents may find more common ground or have a more effective negotiation when dealing with parenting issues. From the onset of divorce and beyond, inside and outside of court, any documentation and assistance provided by an app may help Pennsylvania parents get through the process more easily and in a more amicable manner.

Source:, “5 Apps That Promise to Make Divorce Easier“, Emma Johnson, July 26, 2015