Divorce for older couples in Pennsylvania can be complex

Divorce can be disruptive to daily life and future plans at any age. However, when a couple over a certain age decides to divorce, the process can be much more complex. There are circumstances and factors that older Pennsylvania couples may have to think about that may not plague a couple that is younger.

One area that makes a divorce more complicated after retirement age is if the couple has already made estate-planning preparations. A divorce can impact finances across the board and make certain estate plans for adult children an issue or obligation that may not currently work. Assets may be redistributed, and one party may no longer have the authority to say where that asset is to go after a passing.

Health insurance and long-term health needs of one or both parties may also be impacted by a divorce. If one party extends health insurance coverage to the other, the divorce may alter that coverage. Deciding how or if to carry insurance benefits for an ex-spouse is an issue that an elderly couple in the midst of divorce may have to consider.

There are unique factors to every divorce. Pennsylvania couples may want to think and plan for the unique aspects in their own divorce and also take age into consideration, as that alone can make certain situations or obligations more relevant. With the help of professionals who may be able to pinpoint age-relevant issues, the divorce process may go much smoother and be a less contentious journey.

Source: USA Today, “Protect finances in later-in-life divorce“, Anna Helhoski, Nov. 23, 2014