Divorce can complicate the holidays for parents and children

The holiday season can present a wide range of logistical problems for any family. When a divorce and child custody agreement are involved, the complications can be compounded. Any Pennsylvania family attempting to navigate the holiday season while faced with a child visitation schedule may benefit from the following tips.

One vital tip is to start the holiday plan by referring to the original paperwork and parenting plan. This can provide clear starting guidelines and adjustments can be mutually made from there. One other vital tip is to have a clear plan in place long before it is needed. Arranging details in advance can prevent last minute confusion over drop-off spots or times.

Another vital tip for avoiding complications or potentially ruining the holidays for anyone is to try to exhibit a little flexibility when it comes to the schedule. The art of compromise may prove beneficial. Parents can decide to put past issues or grievances aside for the benefit of the other parent’s schedule or family events so that children get to see extended family or take part in traditions.

There is no foolproof way to make every holiday season go off without a hitch. The juggling of time and reworking of schedules can create conflict and hurt feelings for all if Pennsylvania couples fail to plan ahead or adjust to changes after a divorce. If those families experiencing conflict find common ground, the tension may be kept to a minimum. If finding common ground is not possible, help from legal professionals who can provide guidance or solutions may be needed.

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