Divorce process may be harder with lack of communication

Anytime one half of a couple files for divorce any lack of communication or misunderstanding can make the situation all the more stressful than if communication is fluid. When one party learns of the intent to file for divorce from someone else or through another outlet, the situation may become even more contentious. For any Pennsylvania couples or parties thinking of filing for divorce, they may want to follow the news making situation between celebrity chef Nigella Lawson and her husband Charles Saatchi.

The couple recently made news because of a photograph that was published showing the two at a restaurant. The photograph appeared to show the husband with his hands clutched around the neck of his wife during what was reported as a fight. Nigella moved out of the home they shared after the photograph was published.

Her husband has since filed for divorce and Nigella claims she only learned of the intent to divorce from the media. The husband has issued a statement essentially saying Nigella did not publically defend him against the firestorm the photograph caused and the damage it has done to his reputation. She alleges she has tried to talk to him but he refuses to communicate with her except for what he has said to the media.

While this case may play out in public, miscommunication or discussing divorce with others is not all that uncommon during a period of time when people consider ending a marriage. Any Pennsylvania couples transitioning toward divorce may want to find a way or means of communicating that will work for both sides. The better the channels of communication are, the less chance of misunderstandings or the shorter time a divorce may take overall.

Source: New York Daily News, “Nigella Lawson ‘devastated’ by Charles Saatchi’s divorce announcement, friends say,” Childerah Monde, July 9, 2013