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Courts may disagree about Pennsylvania child support

While it may be common for a divorced couple or co-parents to disagree about child support, having courts disagree on the matter may be more unusual. Recently, a Pennsylvania court did just that. An appeals court overturned a decision made by a local judge concerning a father's child support obligation.


The couple at the heart of the story was divorced after seven years. They have one child and came to an agreement about child support at the time of the split. Recently, the mother filed a complaint and the child support was revisited. The father sought to revisit the visitation agreement also and won more time with the child.

In order to see the child more, the father took a different job at less pay, and therefore wanted to pay less in child support. The law stated that he voluntarily took a pay cut and could not have his child support obligation lowered. However upon further consideration by a higher court, it was decided that the father did not take a lesser paying job in an attempt to pay less support, but his intent was to be closer to the child.


Child support may be revisited numerous times throughout a child's upbringing and as life circumstances change over the years. This Pennsylvania child support case highlights how life changes may affect the ability to pay and the complexity of decisions parents must negotiate, such as changing jobs, changing locales and altering payment amounts. Any time there is a change in earning status or location, child support issues may need to be revisited, and if a disagreeable ruling is made, parents may be able to seek a resolution from a higher court.


Source:, "Judge told to recalculate child support payments," Joe Pinchot, May 28, 2013

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