Man tops federal list due to missed child support payments

When a court ruling has determined a set amount a parent has to pay for child support, that amount can really compound if payments are missed for any reason. If that amount compounds past a certain point, it just may land that parent on a federal list. Pennsylvania parents who have to pay or who receive child support payments may want to pay close attention to a recent story outlining the consequences of those missed payments.

According to reports, authorities are seeking a 52-year-old man who has taken the top spot on the federal list, which ranks parents who are considered the country’s worst offenders when it comes to missing child support payments. The father in this particular case owes back support totaling close to $260,000. The back child support dates back to 1998.

The news report indicates the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services keeps the list, and this father is currently the top-ranked offender. The list publicizes pictures and information about the parent who is behind in payments. Parents who are put on the list are behind in payments amounting to more than $5,000, or they have fled the area to evade payments. In this case, federal officials believe that the man is currently in another country.

While the amount this father owes in back child support is extreme, the consequences can be quite serious for parents who fall behind in any amount. Pennsylvania parents who are trying to get support for a child should know how these list are compiled and what they can do to help a parent get the support they are owed. For a parent who has fallen behind in child support, seeking a modification or working with the other parent and court system for a resolution is advisable over evading authorities or stopping payments altogether.

Source:, “Tacoma man owes nearly $260,000 in child support,” Feb. 23, 2013