Collaborative divorce for baby boomers?

According to the federal 2009 American Community Survey, adults age 50 and older have gone from being only one in every 10 people who have divorced in 1990, to being one in every four people in 2009. There are more than several potential reasons why a couple older in age may choose to divorce later in life.

One example may be that the household dynamic has changed since their children have grown older. Another may be that their personal views on the concept of divorce have changed over the past couple of decades. Whatever the reasons may be, Pennsylvania couples from the baby boomer generation may find themselves considering the benefits to filing a collaborative divorce.

With retirement planning in mind, many older adults seem to be finding happiness in becoming more independent. Where once they only had time to meet up for after-work dinner and weekends, retired married couples are usually faced with spending nearly every hour together. They may have entirely different ideas from their longtime-married partners as to what hobbies or classes they want to experience, for example. This may pose them to ask the question: Would I be happier being by myself?

It seems that the mutually agreeable decision to file for divorce is something that baby boomers may find easier to achieve than younger generations. Without the potential added stress of child custody arrangements and deciding what is best for smaller children in the marriage, older adults wanting a divorce can really focus on their own individual needs. Also, it may be easier for older adults to clearly see and negotiate a fair split of property and all finances.

With mutual respect for both parties and their happiness in mind, collaborative divorce may prove to be less costly, less stressful and a much quicker process than expected. Couples are able to work out and resolve their own issues, for the most part, directly with one another. Ultimately, what is important is that baby boomers in Pennsylvania and across the country are able to find complete happiness during their retirement years.

Source: CNN, “Baby boomer divorce rate doubles,” Greg Clary and Athena Jones, June 24, 2012