Man indicted for failure to pay child support

Even as the national economy begins to rebound, many Pennsylvania residents no doubt continue to suffer from the aftermath of the financial crisis that hit the nation in 2008. Those impacted may well experience tremendous difficulty in meeting their financial obligations, which may include child support. However, failing to pay child support may subject the non-custodial parent to serious criminal penalties, not to mention place the well-being of the child in jeopardy.

In that vein, readers of this blog may be interested to hear that on April 10, a federal grand jury in Pennsylvania indicted a 49-year-old man for willful failure to pay a child support obligation. In 1998, the man was ordered by a county court to pay child support, and he continued to do so up until February 2008. At that time though, he stopped making the payments for unknown reasons.

In this case, the indictment carried with it a charge of violating the Child Support Recovery Act. As a result, if he is convicted of the charge, he may be sentenced for up to two years in prison. He also faces a fine of up to $250,000. The total amount of the child support owed is allegedly more than $92,000.

As the man was apprehended in California, this case also illustrates that authorities can reach across state lines to hold non-custodial parents accountable. Moreover, if convicted for the failure to pay child support, he may have his wages garnished and tax refunds intercepted. The money would then go directly to the custodial parent for the purposes of the child’s best interest.

Source: US Department of Justice, “Former Lackawanna County Resident Indicted for Willful Failure to Pay Child Support,” April 10, 2012