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Mediation And Arbitration: Resolving Conflicts With Less Stress And Expense

In our secondary law practice, Maribeth Blessing Mediation & Arbitration, LLC, we offer clients an alternative way of resolving legal, family, business or neighborhood disputes. Our primary firm was founded in 1999 as a family law firm; we continue to focus on this area of practice. Mediation and arbitration are effective ways of resolving disputes in family law and other legal matters, and our firm has successfully guided many individuals, families and businesses through these processes.

Our founding partner, Maribeth Blessing, is a trained mediator, parent coordinator and arbitrator, and is committed to using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) whenever possible. She is a frequent lecturer and instructor on the role of ADR can play in dispute resolution in many practice areas.

Uses Of Mediation

Our firm has three trained professionals who are available to help clients resolve disputes through mediation, which places the power of the decision-making in the hands of the participants, in areas such as:

  • Family law issues involving divorce, child custody, support, equitable distribution of property, pre-nuptial agreements and separation agreements
  • Neighborhood disputes such as boundary conflicts, sidewalk issues and zoning matters
  • Employment disputes such as issues related to work performance, non-compete agreements and classification of employees
  • Education disputes involving treatment of special needs children
  • Cohabitation disputes, including all family law issues (custody, support, equitable distribution) for same-sex or unmarried heterosexual partners
  • Elder issues including making difficult family decisions before and after the death of loved ones

The purpose of mediation is to settle disputes without going to court. Our lawyers also act as coach attorneys, representing clients who embrace the process of mediation to provide guidance and advice. Mediation is generally less expensive than other forms of dispute resolution because it usually takes much less time and allows the parties to share the cost of experts. And, we know it works, based on our many years of experience helping clients resolve legal issues.

Uses Of Arbitration

Like mediation, arbitration is often used in family law. Arbitration is much closer to a traditional trial than other forms of ADR, because an arbitrator makes a decision on the matter that is binding upon the parties. Arbitration is used to resolve disputes in all the areas that benefit from mediation — it’s just a different process.

Call A Pennsylvania Mediator Or Arbitrator

Our mediators and arbitrators can advise clients about the role that mediation or arbitration could play in resolving their legal issues, whichever area of practice is involved. Contact Law Offices of Maribeth Blessing, LLC, at 215-392-0849. Learn how you can resolve your legal disputes in a less stressful way. Our office is located in Rockledge, Pennsylvania.