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Divorce decisions: duration and amount of alimony payments

Alimony is not set in stone, and there is no set amount ordered in every individual case. When someone in Pennsylvania is pursuing a divorce, alimony may factor into how that divorce proceeds and the lifestyles each person may expect as they venture into the next chapters of their lives. It is important to understand the facts about alimony, particularly the duration of the payments and the amount ordered, before agreeing to any alimony or property division agreement.

The importance of property division decisions during divorce

Sharing a mortgage with one's spouse may be perfect when times are good. However, when divorce is on the table and the time has come for a property division settlement to go forward, a shared mortgage can become quite imperfect -- and complicated. When it is time to decide if one spouse is keeping the family home, it is imperative for both spouses to understand the effects of their decision.

Family pet may take center stage during a Pennsylvania divorce

When a couple splits, the dissolution of the marriage also means a splitting of marital property. While many pet owners do not regard the pet as property, according to the law in Pennsylvania and other states, animals are dealt with in the same manner as other assets, and important decisions regarding the fate of those animals must be made during a divorce. Family courts all over the country are seeing an increase in pet custody situations, and attorneys are helping to negotiate resolutions much like the resolutions put in place for child custody situations.

Help may be needed to uncover fraud during divorce

Divorce is typically a time of emotional upheaval, but it can and often is a time of financial upheaval as well. The property division process during a divorce may leave many in Pennsylvania wondering if financial fraud may be at play by the other party in the divorce. Experienced family law lawyers can enlist the help of outside resources to pinpoint if fraud in the form of hidden assets or missing assets is an issue that needs to be dealt with as a divorce proceeding moves forward.

High profile divorce leads to several being subpoenaed

Once a couple decides to split, the act of splitting assets, funds and child custody can be a more in-depth process than some may realize. Pennsylvania couples may find they need outside help from other professionals in various fields in order to move forward with the divorce process. One high profile couple is making news as their divorce has been on-going for over a year and has resulted in others being subpoenaed to provide information and insight.

Financial steps for Pennsylvania couples going through divorce

Regardless of the status or length of a marriage, there are serious financial changes that will occur. Those financial changes need to be addressed by both parties in a divorce in Pennsylvania. Once both parties address these immediate financial concerns and obligations, the divorce process may move forward more smoothly, and each party may have a clearer sense of where he or she stands financially after the divorce.

Equitable distribution of property can involve pets

Many families have a deep attachment to their pets. For some family members, the attachment and love for a family pet can be just as important as the love for a child. This can be evident in Pennsylvania courts as property division agreements can involve disputes concerning the fate of these pets. While still legally regarded as property, more and more courts are taking individual cases into consideration and implementing creative resolutions when equitable distribution of property involves a pet.

Infidelity can impact Pennsylvania divorce

The recent hacking of an Internet site has brought news of hidden infidelity to light for many. Some Pennsylvania couples may wonder how proof of infidelity can impact a divorce. While Pennsylvania is a no-fault divorce state, the factors that led to that divorce, including infidelity, can affect how a divorce unfolds for both parties.

Immediate financial steps to take during a divorce

A divorce changes virtually everything in the lives of the parties involved. Finances are certainly part of those changes, regardless of the length of the marriage. It is important for both parties in a Pennsylvania divorce to understand those changes and prepare themselves in order to financially survive a divorce and to ensure fairness as the proceedings move forward.

Pennsylvania families may find apps helpful in divorce

Communication can be a problem for co-parents during and after a divorce. Despite any communication problems or lack of desire to communicate, Pennsylvania parents who divorce simply have to find a way to communicate as they co-parent. When issues crop up or parents have a dispute, it may help to have tools in place to resolve issues and help parents work together.