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Debt obligations during divorce can get complicated

When there is a divorce pending, it might seem like property division decisions may be pretty cut and dry. People may assume it is clear what is considered marital property and what is deemed separate property during a divorce. However, as many Pennsylvania couples can attest, these assumptions can get clouded where debt is concerned, especially student loan debt.

Tips for Pennsylvania parents in the midst of divorce

The time period before, during and directly after a divorce can be a time of great upheaval for everyone involved. Pennsylvania parents may be dealing with an overabundance of change in their own lives during a divorce. The changes that impact children can be massive and may call for special attention, as children may interpret divorce differently than the adults involved.

Pennsylvania couples can have tech-savvy divorce

Technology seems to have infiltrated every aspect of life over the last few years. With the onset of online sites and smart phone apps aimed at helping couples find each other, it isn't hard to imagine that there are now apps in place to help guide couples through a divorce. Pennsylvania couples dealing with divorce may be interested in the new apps and tech savvy ways to make the divorce process smoother, but it can also be important to remember that divorce laws can be complicated and may require extensive research to best protect an individual's rights.

Pennsylvania parents need to be aware of taxes and divorce rules

When there is a divorce, there are many changes that affect a couple's finances. While many of those changes can be dealt with independently, there are certain financial matters during divorce that may require ex-spouses to work together. One area of the lives of divorced parents in Pennsylvania that requires some form of cooperation pertains to taxes.

Organization can be key to smooth divorce in Pennsylvania

The decision to split may be an emotional one for couples. However, after the emotional decisions are handled, there are very detailed financial decisions that need to be made. Any Pennsylvania couple in the midst of divorce may find the process goes much smoother when there is a bit of organization in place. Being organized and having the proper documents in order can help set a tone of cooperation and preparedness for what is to come.

New insurance options for Pennsylvania couples in divorce

Traditionally, when one spouse was the only source of healthcare benefits, it could be difficult for the other spouse to move forward with plans to divorce. However, as healthcare laws have changed, some spouses are finding they have options they may not have had a year ago. Any Pennsylvania spouse who has postponed or been unable to divorce due to the status of their healthcare benefits may be interested to know their newly expanded options.

More Pennsylvania baby boomers taking steps toward divorce

As people age and make it past certain milestones, they may be seen as a much stronger and dedicated couple than their younger counterparts. However, as the baby boomer generation ages, there is a noticeable uptick in how many couples who have been married for decades that are now headed for divorce. Any Pennsylvania couples divorcing in their golden years may be relieved to know the trend referred to as gray divorce is occurring everywhere.

Options can make Pennsylvania divorce process smoother

This time of year is notorious for seeing a spike in divorce filings. For those who have never been through the divorce process, there may be a great deal of apprehension about how the procedure unfolds. Everything from a timeline to the accurate cost of divorce may be unknown territory for Pennsylvania couples.

Divorce rise tied to finances and recession

Divorce rates have generally hovered around the 50 percent mark for some time. However, as with any statistical data, there are natural ebbs and flows over time. The latest studies pertaining to divorce rates have surprised many trend watchers in the field. Any Pennsylvania couple contemplating divorce may want to follow the latest trends and the theories behind the recent divorce study.

Pets viewed as property during divorce, but hard to part with

Whenever there is a dissolution of a marriage, there are many decisions to be made by the two parties. Some of those decisions can be easy. However, when pets are involved, it can be difficult to decide who will be the primary caretaker and to work out the details of sharing a pet. During a Pennsylvania divorce, a pet is still viewed as property by the courts despite the importance of a pet to the owners.

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