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Pennsylvania couples need to consider finances in divorce

The divorce process involves more than determining where a person will live or who will get the family dog. It can be a very massive upheaval of one’s finances. Any Pennsylvania couple in the midst of a divorce may benefit by considering a few tips about how to deal with credit card accounts before they actually start anew.

Divorce and effects on homes for Pennsylvania couples

There are many decisions to be made when a decision to end a marriage is made. The division of property during a divorce can take a major emotional and financial toll on all parties. The fate of a home and the process of getting a new home can be particularly complicated for Pennsylvania couples as they navigate a divorce.

Pennsylvania parents can plan to tell kids about divorce

Every family is different. How children and parents deal with divorce can be vastly different also. However, despite the uniqueness of each family, Pennsylvania families may be interested in a few guidelines as to when it may be best to discuss an impending divorce with children.

Divorce in Pennsylvania may impact earnings and retirement

The changes that take place during and after a divorce can be far-reaching. Many lives change in an instant during a divorce. One area that is sure to change is a person’s financial standing or outlook. For couples who are going through what is dubbed a “gray divorce,” which is divorce after the age of 50, the impact a Pennsylvania divorce may have on retirement savings can be life-altering.

Tips to keep divorce separate from work

The divorce process can be complex, emotionally draining and time-consuming. Because divorce issues can spill over into every facet of someone’s life, it is only natural that divorce may impact a person’s career or work life. The impact on work can actually be detrimental to someone’s career. Pennsylvania couples going through the divorce process may be interested in a few tips to help keep a divorce separate from work.

Financial matters can complicate Pennsylvania divorce

Whenever there is a marital separation, the emotional implications are also coupled with financial challenges and changes. When a couple marries and has considerable wealth from the onset, there may be a prenuptial agreement in place to ensure fairness in the event of a divorce. However, if the bulk of the wealth was accumulated during the marriage, Pennsylvania couples may find it more difficult to handle financial matters during a divorce.

Co-parenting after divorce tips for Pennsylvania parents

When parenting styles differ during a marriage, it can be difficult enough to maneuver. In the event that a divorce takes place, the co-parenting relationship can be even more difficult to deal with. Fortunately, there are some tips available for Pennsylvania parents who wish to co-parent effectively after their divorce.

Divorce can affect standing in family business

When a couple decides to separate, they typically need to divide a number of assets. This may include the family business, and the respective roles of the parties in that family business may be altered. Pennsylvania couples who share a business or work for their soon-to-be ex in-laws may want to follow the story of a couple in the midst of a high-profile divorce and how that is affecting the business relationship between the father-in-law and his future former son-in-law.

Communication tips for co-parents after divorce

Whenever a couple splits and still needs to co-parent, there may be bumps in the road or difficult issues to work out. When a couple who has gone through divorce find themselves in a co-parenting challenge, following a few tips may help ease the transition. Pennsylvania parents who adopt communication tips may also be able to head off any new disputes that may necessitate legal intervention.

Debt obligations during divorce can get complicated

When there is a divorce pending, it might seem like property division decisions may be pretty cut and dry. People may assume it is clear what is considered marital property and what is deemed separate property during a divorce. However, as many Pennsylvania couples can attest, these assumptions can get clouded where debt is concerned, especially student loan debt.

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